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We are here to help

Wake County is experiencing unprecedented levels of theft. With material prices at record highs and material shortages across the board, we're hearing countless stories where thousands of dollars of material are walking off jobs. There are solutions. Most theft occurs at night from thieves who are seeking easy, quick targets. Visual deterrence helps tremendously. Lighting, signs, etc. all make a big difference.

We are happy to discuss in detail what we have been seeing and ideas on how we can all stop it. We are here to help.

Please contact us below so we can discuss theft preventions ideas that may work for you on your job site.

For information on who we are and the products we offer, please click through the links at the top of the page. We offer a discount to Raleigh - Wake HBA members. Details below.

HBA of Raleigh - Wake County Discount Program

Through the Raleigh-Wake County HBA, Bedrock Wireless is offering a $100 discount on the first month of service for new customers

Program Details: Offer applies only to members of the Home Builders Association of Raleigh - Wake County. Membership verification is subject to review prior to discount being applied. 

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