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Bedrock Wireless launches the Construction Access Point (CAP).


Chapel Hill, NC - May 20, 2020 - Bedrock Wireless, a construction IT start-up, today announced the launch of a one-of-kind system aimed at connecting the construction site.  New home construction, like many other industries, is becoming an increasingly connected and data driven industry.  Workers constantly need the most up-to-date project plans and schematics in order to complete their portion of the house on time and to spec.  Additionally, general contractors, the ones managing the build process, are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing number of homes under management.  

“Home builders are spending thousands of dollars on IT construction management software every month, but half the time you can’t even use it on the jobsite due to the lack of data access,” Phillip says.  “We knew we had to bring the data to the site.”  The CAP includes a WiFi access point so general contractors and workers can all login and use the management systems they need on a day-to-day basis. 




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The product is called a Construction Access Point, or CAP for short, and allows general contractors to monitor their job-sites remotely while ensuring workers have access to the data they need.  


CAPs are fully turn-key solutions installed and managed by Bedrock Wireless.  With a CAP, customers can view 360 degrees of live HD content from their job-sites.  Founder and CEO, Phillip Baxter, a former general contractor himself, says “I was spending half my day driving between job-sites, just to check on things like erosion issues, material deliveries, and even locking the doors every night - It wasn’t working and I needed a way to remotely manage my sites.”  This is why Phillip says he and a former Silicon Valley tech executive, Stephen Smith, came up with the CAP. 


Customers are already having success with their CAPs across The Triangle.  Bedrock Wireless’ Founder and CTO, Stephen Smith, says “I have been impressed with how quickly we were able to catch theft on the site.  We have video of thieves taking over $4000 of custom windows on one of our test sites, which the builder would normally have no way of catching.” 

Bedrock Wireless, founded in January of this year, plans on making the CAP the central pillar of data connectivity

connectivity on the job-site.  At the very least, they know their customers are appreciating the ability to monitor their ongoing construction throughout this difficult quarantine.  Phillip says, “Any steps we can take to help builders during this difficult time is something that we’re proud to undertake.”  

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