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Construction Access Point:


Assembled using a 10' engineered column. This unit features 4 cameras, offering 360 degree jobsite coverage. 4 Flood lights above each camera trigger when motion is detected at night. Customized computer boards and LTE antennas provide mobile access into the unit from anywhere. Battery backup allows for additional runtime if power is lost

Pricing:  $450/month turnkey

                 $250 one-time installation fee

* 3 month minimum service required

* Available only in select markets

* 4-5 week lead time

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Construction Access Point:


Identical to our Classic unit with all the same features and capabilities. This portable unit allows for quick deployment and can be moved from job to job. This unit can be shipped nationwide and allows for DIY installation on any 4x4 post

Pricing:  $300/month turnkey

                 $0 DIY installation

* 3 month minimum service required

* Optional $200 installation available in select markets

* 2-3 week lead time