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Master Service Agreement

This Master Services Agreement is by and between Bedrock Robotics, LLC DBA Bedrock Wireless (“Bedrock Wireless”) and the customer (“Customer”) and is made and effective on the date of order placement (the “Effective Date”). 


Pursuant to the terms hereof, Bedrock Wireless will provide Customer with access to and use of a Construction Access Point (“CAP”). 


Fees. The provision and use of CAP unit(s) will be subject to monthly payments of $350.00 per unit unless otherwise agreed upon by Bedrock Wireless (i.e. promotions), which are due and payable monthly in advance. Payment will be made via Stripe and can be made with credit card or ACH.  The first month's payment must be received two weeks before CAP delivery date unless Bedrock Wireless provides delivery earlier. Payments for all partial months will be adjusted pro rata based on the number of days in the month, and upon termination of this Agreement any prepaid amounts will be refunded. Monthly fees will only terminate upon return of CAP to Bedrock Wireless, typically by shipping the system back using provided prepaid labels.  


Customer is responsible for the reliability of power on the site. Bedrock Wireless will not issue billing credits for service interruptions due to loss of power. Bedrock Wireless guarantees a 20-minute reserve battery supply in the event of power loss.


The attached Terms and Conditions are incorporated herein and made a part hereof and govern the provision and use of the CAP.  


By placing an order with Bedrock Wireless, Customer acknowledges and warrants that they have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these conditions and has knowingly allocated its risk.

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