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The Benefits

The Construction Access Point was designed from the ground up to generate a positive ROI for all users. Every user can save thousands per job on direct and indirect expenses. Commercial units with similar features run several thousand per month, but we have found a way using the latest cutting-edge technology to drastically reduce this cost and make the benefits accessible to everyone. Benefits include:

  • Theft deterrence

  • Record motion events day and night

  • Save hours per day driving just to see if someone has shown up

  • Provide reliable WiFi on site to make phone calls and access files

  • Ensure more productivity, a cleaner job site, and more OSHA compliance 

The Process

Easy. Intuitive. Hassle-free.


To Start:

  1. Reach out to us

  2. Give us a date

  3. We'll deliver a unit or install for you

To Finish:

  1. Give us a date

  2. Ship back

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